Friday, July 15, 2011

It is summer

Adelle is adjusting nicely from her haircut. She told me she would like her hair long again. It's been nice not to have summer school to maneuver around. Adelle went to the eye doctor and needs a new prescription. She'll have that in a week. Cory is plugging away at school and working on our bamboo. We taught Laur'l how to play monopoly. I don't know if that was such a good idea. She plays hard and shows no mercy. Other than that all is well on the home front.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finally an Update

We have been busy beautifying our yard and Adelle has been helping a lot where she can. Although, Cory needs to watch where he throws the bamboo roots. Adelle is a bamboo root magnet. She hasn't been helping much though.....I think she's taking a break to let her bamboo owies heal.

Father's Day was fun. The girls made Cory a cake and I purcased Gnomeo and Juliet and Red Vines to eat while we watched the movie. It is a cute movie. We've been playing Monopoly Streets a lot with the girls on the PS3. In fact, it's their favorite game. They loved playing it with their cousins in Payson so much that we got it for them. Thankyou Allreds!

It has happend. Adelle has given herself a haircut. I rushed her into Benson for a haircut before the missionaries came over for dinner. Thank Heavens Laur'l never did this. She did take a huge chunk out of the front so, needless to say, her hair is going to be short for a while.
Logan is 2 and as 2 as he can be. I am busy keeping up with him. I pray daily that his mollars with come in. He LOVES cars anything. We watch cars every day. He likes to play with his Tonka truck as well. He is very busy trying to be as independant as his big sisters. It's a good thing he has cuteness on his side.
Cory is taking two courses this summer and finishing up one from the spring. We will be so glad when we are finally done with school. I'm excited that I get to play the piano in primary for the next three weeks. Laur'l has a week and a half of summer school left. Summer is here and it is hot! It still beats winter in Flagstaff. We are so glad we are done moving and we have been living in St. David for three years this past May. Time flies.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Coldness in the Desert

We about froze at Laur'l's soccer game. Logan was screaming, Adelle was shivering, and the wind was blowing. So, we went home and mom and Tina stayed at the game with Laur'l. Laur'l has lost her two front teeth and will be wanting them for Christmas. Dad, Tina, Cory, and Laur'l went to a classic car show in Tucson. Logan is crawling and sitting up. He is quite mobile and he has two teeth now. Laur'l is going to be a rockstar for Halloween and Adelle is going to be Tinkerbell. It should be a lot of fun.

Monday, October 12, 2009

"Yard Work

We have takled the trees in the yard.

Isn't the cutest when they fall asleep in their toys.

Laur'l and Adelle were excellent helpers with Grandma and Grandpa trimming the trees in the yard.
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Friday, September 18, 2009

School Programs and Soccer!

Laur'l did great at her Constitution program where she had a part and sang songs.

Laur'l LOVES soccer. We are still working on some of the concepts. She kept wanting to visit with the referee instead of play the game when she is on the field; and with some encouragement from "Auntie", running to get the ball to score a goal. The picture above is Laur'l walking and talking with her coach.

She had a scrimmage before her first game. I didn't know they used her ball for the scrimmage. So when she cried because no one was giving her the ball I thought she wasn't understanding the game. I got her happy again and she did alright from there. It wasn't until we were getting in the car to come home that I reallized what was going on. Laur'l said: "I finally got my ball back." I just laughed. She thought because it was "her" ball she should get it back whenever she wanted. She didn't understand what letting them use it for the game ment.
This was a pretty busy week for me. I am entering the season of parenting filled with sports, school functions, and everything else. We had a great weekend. Mom and Dad Flake came down and we had a yard work day. We trimmed all of the trees and cut down the tall grass. Bugga help with the tall grass around the AC unit. We were very grateful for the help. Next week is the primary program and the week after that is conference. There is a get together at the stake center for the General Relief Society Broadcast next Saturday that I am looking forward to. Cory is busy studying for the CPA. Adelle is being two. She defintely has "mine" down. Hope everyone is doing well.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


We enjoyed Morgan's first birthday at her grandma's house in August.
Logan is becoming mobile too.

This year we celebrated Cory's birthday with Grandma and Grandpa Flake. We had a green cake with green frosting and green candles. Laur'l said it had to be that way because green was her Daddy's favorite color.

Never a Dull Moment

At the end of summer the kids got to see "Bugga" at the rig in Willcox. Laur'l is doing great this year. She can do everything because she is a second grader. She started soccer this week and is loving every minute of it. Her games start next Wednesday and will be every Wednesday until the end of the season.
Logan is a very happy baby except when his gums are bothering him. He enjoys rolling over and over everywhere. It's looking like his favorite color is green. Ironically that is his daddy's favorite color.

I am glad they all love each other and get along for the most part. The girls and I have a lot of fun doing nail art and playing outside. It's great to have a yard to play in. Laur'l is getting so independant with making sandwiches, taking showers, and helping her little sister.
Cory has will be starting the CPA exam after September 15th. We put 30,000 miles on our Ford Focus is 1 year of work. Between school and kids life stays pretty busy.